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Monday, May 10, 2010


I don't think I ever posted about how we have once again found ourselves with reptiles and amphibians in our domicile.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we were gifted a small turtle by our non-English-speaking cleaning lady, who had figured out that we had a house full of creature-loving kids. We already owned a tree frog. Both of those will ensure that you have to also keep live crickets as pets in order to properly feed the aforementioned creatures. So it seemed like quite a production. We also had a cat and a hamster. Yes, I KNOW.
Anyway, we were gearing up to take our extended vacation to California, so we had to start farming out the pets. One of our friends already had a massive aquarium set up with fish and frogs, and she loved turtles, so we arranged for her to take our turtle and frog. The day before we were going to take the pets to her, my kids found another small turtle in our yard, so she won the jackpot and got TWO turtles and a frog.
Fast forward to about a month ago, when I got a call from this same friend who was now getting ready to move herself. She still had the turtles, but now instead of a tree frog, she had an African clawed frog.
So . . .
Junior and Kimmy are back.
And now we also have Big Bertha.
Big Bertha is kinda creepy-lookin, I think. And sometimes she stares at me while I'm on the computer. But I'm getting used to her. It is fun to watch her eat guppies, so I put up with her. It's totally Animal Kingdom in this house, I tell ya.
Well, we're gonna take off to my old stompin grounds to visit Mee Mee for Mother's Day this weekend, and get in a little beach action while we're at it. See you next week!

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